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8 thoughts on “ Distraction ”

  1. Distraction. Home. Episodes. Series 1. play. Series 1 Episode 1. In the opening show, the four volunteers must avoid being distracted by a food cannon - and by the dubious antics of several middle.
  2. Sep 16,  · Anything that takes your attention away from driving can be a distraction. Sending a text message, talking on a cell phone, using a navigation system, and eating while driving are a few examples of distracted driving. Any of these distractions can endanger the driver and others.
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  4. Aug 22,  · Robert Reich in “Saving Capitalism” (Netflix) Robert Reich: Trump’s "law and order" campaign is a distraction 6 ways Donald Trump has failed to attack the coronavirus, but instead has.
  5. distraction: 1 n the act of distracting; drawing someone's attention away from something Synonyms: misdirection Type of: alteration, revision the act of revising or altering (involving reconsideration and modification) n an obstacle to attention Type of: inattention lack of attention n mental turmoil “he drives me to distraction ” Type of.
  6. Feb 05,  · One other essential thing to notice about distraction is that it’s not just a measurable cognitive state: it’s a contextual thing as well. Distraction requires being distracted away from something.
  7. A distraction, baby? Do you, do you, do you, do you wanna be Yeah, yeah Are you down to be a distraction, baby? But don't distract me, let me ask you, baby Do you, do you, do you, do you wanna be A distraction, baby? Do you, do you, do you, do you wanna be Submit Corrections.
  8. The greatest good of a State is unity; the greatest evil, discord and distraction. He was in a state of distraction as to his feelings and yet lucid as to his mind. I cannot bear to read, and it is a blessing to me to run to the pen for distraction. But I don't think that in his distraction he is ever monstrous.

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