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8 thoughts on “ Boréal - Maarten Bon - Boréal / Display V / Nee, Die Idee(ën (a.t.) / Display IV (Vinyl, LP) ”

  1. Subdividing the Boreal. Subsequent to the original Blytt-Sernander scheme, the first stage of the Boreal was divided off as a Pre-boreal transitional phase, followed by the Boreal proper. Some current schemes based on pollen zones also distinguish a pre-Boreal (pollen zone IV), an early Boreal (pollen zone V) and a late Boreal (pollen zone VIa, b, and c).
  2. The International Boreal Conservation Science Panel is focused on providing scientific expertise useful to decision makers considering the future of one of the world’s last great conservation opportunities - the protection of Canada’s boreal forest region.
  3. The Boreal name is synonymous with climbing and Boreal has been at the forefront of climbing shoe innovation for 40 years. We produce shoes to suit the needs of every climber, from beginner to those pushing the very limits of the sport. Our experience and achievements in the field of climbing shoes is unrivalled.
  4. Le Boreal is a cruise ship owned and operated by the French cruise line company Compagnie du Ponant. It cruises to Antartica and other places. Design and description. The vessel is metres ( ft 5 in) in length, has cabins and suites for passengers and crew members.
  5. The Boreal professionals in engineering, sales and logistics are supported by a business team with broad experience in all areas of the administrative and financial functions. About Us Boreal International is a Watsco Inc. subsidiary in the wholesale and distribution of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration products and services.
  6. ‘The Boreal province persisted from the Jurassic but was less marked, the Tethyan province was well populated with characteristic benthos.’ 2 Ecology Relating to or characteristic of the climatic zone south of the Arctic, especially the cold temperate region dominated by taiga and forests of birch, poplar, and conifers.
  7. boreál, ~ă a [At: PONI, F. / P: ~re-al / Pl: ~i, ~e / E: fr boréal, lat borealis] (Din emisfera) nordic(ă) Si: septentrional. 3 (Îs) Aurora ~ă Fenomen luminos în zona boreală (1), manifestat noaptea prin lumini difuze verzi și roșii, cu aspect de benzi, draperii etc. 4 (Ast; îs) Coroană ~ă Constelație din emisfera boreală aflată în opoziție cu Vega Si: (pop) hora.

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